Ravensong 6 Reviews

By: Brian Hayes

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Gromli, a hobbit of unusual birth grows up to be a bard and sets out on a life as a travelling musician.  He learns he has an unexpected gift, the ability to foresee those who are fated to die in near future.  When an unexpected encounter with a young woman whose death he foresees reveals her to be the queen, he resolves that he must change her fate.  Making a bargain with a trickster god who is responsible for the fate of the dead to spare the queen, Gromli, must win the heart of the queen while doing nothing that outwardly is an attempt to win her affection.

The queen, an independent, strong-willed woman, who loves music, and open minds is perplexed by this hobbit who plays such beautiful music and voices such contempt for the gods.  She is drawn to his plain-spoken nature and logic of his position.


Gromli has only to the new moon after next to accomplish his mission, 

ISBN (Digital) 0
ISBN (Hard copy) 0
Total Pages 63
Language English
Estimated Reading Time 1h
Genre Fantasy
Published By Daastan
Published On 27 Sep 2017
Brian Hayes

Brian Hayes

Brian L. Hayes is a Geologist, Cook, Punster, a scientist who makes his living from the science of the Earth and its processes, who loves to experiment in the kitchen, and who believes the shortest distance between two puns is a straight line. Brian has been writing poetry since Middle School and served on the editorial staff of two college literary journals while in college. He serves as an Admin for a Creative Writing community on Facebook as well as serving on the staff of another. Brian has written and published a cookbook of recipes he developed and collected from friends and family. He also plays bodhran in local Irish music sessions.


Abhirun Das


Oct 05, 2017

I have always found Brian's writing to be of a different flow from that of others. With every read, I have found his narration to be mesmerising. Ravensong did not disappoint me one bit and I wish I could wipe my memory and read this again and again. The writing is beautiful, the story has a beautiful flow to it and I read the story without a strain. It was such a good reading experience for me and I hope Brian keeps on writing for a long long time.

Safwa Mir


Oct 01, 2017

The most poetic novel I have ever read, in terms of the written style and the storyline.

Sep 30, 2017

Great job, immersive. Very Grecian, felt I was reading a myth or a legend. Looking forward to whatever else you've got.

azra batool


Sep 27, 2017

Very well constructed , interesting plot and great characters...! It was a fun read.

Sep 27, 2017

It was lovely how rhythmically the story went on. It was captivating, interesting, poetic; it was everything perfect. I loved the songs the most. I fell in love with Gromli, little by little and was fascinated by Elena's powerful character.

The author has a nice poetic writing style, a distinctive trait, as not everyone is able to keep up a good pace like that. Definitely, looking forward to reading the sequel.

Sep 25, 2017

Interesting book. Nice captive style. Amazing characterization. . Hats off Brain...!!

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