Safe Heaven 1 Reviews

By: Ayesha Ashraf

“Transgenders are not terrorists, nor criminals, not killers, looters or culprits then why are they rejected by family and society?”

The story of Sarmad who was pushed to be someone he was not. Living with a family but never belonging to that family; a family he was born into but was the biggest enemy of his life.

Pushing to be who he was, searching for a safe heaven, this is the story of hope and self determination.

ISBN (Digital) 978-969-696-099-7
Total Pages 50
Language Afrikaans
Estimated Reading Time 1 hr
Genre Drama
Published By Dastaan
Published On 02 Aug 2017
Ayesha Ashraf

Ayesha Ashraf

I am Ayesha. I have done M.A English. I am a poet in Urdu and English both.


Ismi Asad


Jun 23, 2017

First of All I congratulate the author to be courageous enough to write on such a topic. A goog plot , a happy ending , more to the liking of our Pakistani culture. The story / drama touches upon the genuine issue of a transgender in our society. At times the questions raised in the story , are same questions that arise in our minds for years. Well done! Bravo!
Being drama, its more of lense writing, than pen writing, which needs to be looked into .
Similar story in Urdu may appear more appealing as open use of local terms is possible

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