A Practical Guide To Herbaceous Flora Of District Lahore, Punjab 2 Reviews

By: Shabnum Shaheen

This book gives the complete description of the herbaceous flora of District Lahore, Punjab. The detailed morphological description of the herbs of the area along with their pictures makes easy identification of the flora. In traditional health care system herbal plants play an important role. Knowledge about medicinal plants, before the birth of writing is shifted orally.

According to the World Health Organization, the macroscopic and microscopic description of a herbal plant is the first step towards establishing the identity and the degree of purity of such materials and should be carried out before any tests are undertaken. The available literature shows that how morphological features are important in systematic botany similar to the use of modern techniques.

Morphological features can be utilized in distinguishing taxa one from another by differences in habit, habitat, inflorescence and floral morphology. In Pakistan herbal plants are primarily used by tibia dawakhanas (medical centers of indigenous physicians known as hakims). Unfortunately, very little attention has been paid to the ethno-medicinal and ethno-botanical aspect of plants, as hakims are only concerned with the floral and vegetative parts of medicinal plants without any regard to their botanical characteristics, or distribution in the various ecological zones of Pakistan.

In Pakistan 80% of the people belonging to the rural areas still depends upon the herbal medicines. In the recent years, more efforts have been made to document the traditional knowledge. There is an awful need on the part of manufacturers of allopathic and herbal medicines to carryout systematic research on herbal plants to save foreign exchange spend on their imports. 

For the readers convenience the authors have started an apprehensive effort to produce this practical guide that could be used to identify herbal flora for the medicinal purposes as well as for other scientific information. The book contains some very elementary and vital information about the herbal flora, arranged alphabetically according to the plant species.

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Published On 13 Oct 2018
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Shabnum Shaheen

Shabnum Shaheen

Dr. Shabnum Shaheen has completed her Post Doc from Malaysia and Ph.D. degree in Plant Sciences from Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad, Pakistan in 2010. Since then, she is working as an Assistant Professor in LC Women University, Lahore, Pakistan. Overall she has 13 years of teaching and research experience and published 68 research articles/abstracts/proceedings (to date), in national and international journals and conferences.She is also author of 6 international monographs/books who has won Gold Medal in an international Conference of Botany. She also bagged a Farogh-e-Taleem Gold medal award from Idara Farogh-e-Taleem & Federal Minister Kashmir Affairs. She is the first scientist who introduced EDS technique for grass phytoliths in Epidermal Leaf Anatomy in Pakistan and her many papers and an international monograph is published on it. She is not only a member of various national and International science societies but also a reviewer of well reputed journals. She has supervised 43 BS theses till yet. Currently, she is supervising 6 Ph.D research students.


May 10, 2023

It's a good effort at the part of authors. However, I see that the authors have not used the local names in many cases. As it is a book for the flora of Lahore, so should use the names which local populations can understand. The addition of pictures could have been an added value to the book.

Aziz 1sh


Dec 12, 2019

Nice book

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