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By: Syed Ommer Amer

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When a secret agent code named Angel, with his partner Hamza, walks past the blood drenched corpses of their collegues... assasinated by their nemesis' henchmen. They are appalled. It's apparent. 

"They weren't expecting this"

Infact, their focus had been solely on locating their missing ally and retrieving the mysterious package. So when the JageerDaar's men break into Flame's secret base and capture their finest markswomen, Angel realizes that they may have slipped up. Badly.

Who can be trusted? What will happen when a dangerious femme fatale reveals her true colors? Can one missed call destroy Angel?

The lines are yet to be drawn.

It is an action thriller about a quest to test the strengths and avenge the fallen blood of igniters, a heart rending tale about their last stand and all the gruesome deaths that seemed imminent.

ISBN (Digital) -
Total Pages 400
Language English
Estimated Reading Time 4 hours
Genre Mystery
Published By Daastan
Published On 26 Aug 2018
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Syed Ommer Amer

Syed Ommer Amer

Founder @ Daastan who is the third generation in his family, actively engaged in improving the education system in Pakistan. He is working with educational institutes in his home town, Wah Cantt (Pakistan) to bring reforms, upgrade the curriculum and teaching methods. He loves crazy dreamers with big audacious goals and is often seen hanging out with aspiring startup founders and students. Story telling, public speaking and e-gaming is what he is addicted to. His core skills are branding, content marketing through story telling and proposal writing.


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