The Tales Of Crucified Blunt 1 Reviews

By: Areesh fatmee

The Tales of Crucified Blunt  is like a black hole. It washes away the light and there's just a gloomy grim darkness. It may not prove to be a soul relaxant yet it is something someone gasps reading after. Its a collection of tales from our lives. From our very own dark episodes of life. It might not solve the issues but it might assure you that you do have issues with your soul.

Mental banalities... Emotional chaos... and the disastrous social mockery. Its terrible indeed.

ISBN (Digital) 978-1517787332
Total Pages 200
Language English
Estimated Reading Time 2 hours
Published By Beyond Sanity Publishing
Published On 07 Aug 2016
Areesh fatmee

Areesh fatmee

Public speaker-Debater-Fiction Writer-Journalist-Science Writer and an exceedingly passionate person who believes in being a baaghi for a better tomorrow.


Jan 01, 2017

great book

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