Diary of Fervent Verses 9 Reviews

By: Ateefah Sana Ur Rab

A book of poems consisting of words with overwhelming intensity. From the dark moments of one's life to the hope that illuminates the future. From the beauty of world to the bitter truths of reality that hide under the shadows; away from light.

This is the diary of a poet who finds solace in nothing but the fervent verses of poetry.

ISBN 000
Total Pages 100
Language English
Estimated Reading Time 1h 30m
Genre Non fiction
Published By Daastan
Published On 07 Aug 2016
Ateefah Sana Ur Rab

Ateefah Sana Ur Rab

Writing is my passion and becoming a writer is a dream that I've been working on, in order to make it alter into blissful reality. For me, poetry is a whole new world in which I find sola...


Mah E Noor


Jan 07, 2017

Great job. an inspiring, heartfelt and motivational work

Aug 27, 2016

Your poems really get to my heart. With every word written and placed in a coordinated spot, your style is unique and addicting to read. I love this book, as along many other stories. Every poem is a master piece that give us emotions we didn't believe we've felt. I really do feel the emotion you put in each stanza.

Sohinee Dey


Aug 27, 2016

As I always say, it's more important to use the correct word than a sophisticated one and that's what you did with your poems. Poetry doesn't mean that we have to use all kinds of sophisticated words to make it look proffessional. Brilliantly posed, the verses flowed with ease and most importantly, each poem told a story. That's what a poet should do with his/her words. Good job, my friend Attefah. May all your wishes be fulfilled and I hope you reach the peak one day where everybody will recognize you as a poet of this generation. My prayers are with you. Those verses are truly fervent! You did justice to the title of your book!!

Aug 14, 2016

Such wonderfully written poems. Each and every word touches the soul.

Saima Baloch


Aug 09, 2016

Many poets can distill their thoughts, observations, and feelings into poetry in a way that I could never accomplish, but I don't necessarily view them as wise human beings. They might have all sorts of other strengths, but deep interior wisdom is not what they give me. There are some poets, however, who take me to places that resonate so deeply and do it in language that I would never discover in myself. What they say is suffused with wisdom. Ateefah is such a poetess for me.
Her poems are so dense with imagery, feeling, and insight they require an on-going relationship and an evolving understanding. So for me this is not a book to read and set aside, but one to savor and turn to repeatedly over the years. Ateefah sana ur rab created poems that span a space between the beauty and wonder of life and the recognition of love as an inevitable conclusion. Awareness of that conclusion makes everything more wondrous right now and she is incredible at conveying observed details as well as evoking imagery that make you contemplate the world immediately around you. But the poems remind you that these things -- and ourselves -- are all more precious because they are fleeting. Her writings are vaporous. It's like they trigger awareness of that sense of transience in life, temporarily sustain the moment for you, and then disappear. But isn't that how insight is? There then gone? Then there again?

Sarah S


Aug 09, 2016

Beautiful use of words and phrases that takes mind to a saturated. All poems reflect reality and are heart touching :')
All the poetry lovers who are looking for something fresh should give it a try!
Good job Ateefah ?

Aug 09, 2016

A book which gives you an insight of the GREAT talent and impeccability of the author. It's definitely a must-read according to me!!

Farah Khalid


Aug 09, 2016

A must read for the ones who love verses!.
Keep it up

Wafa Zaka


Aug 08, 2016

Read first seven peoms and loved them! Every verse of every poem was very beautiful and moving!

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