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By: Hassan Mueez

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Our Creator says in the Holy Quran "My friends will have no fear and no grief". Because once you befriend with the most powerful He never let the worries of the future and sorrows of the past affect you.

Fear is not a theory, its a fact. We all have fears, fear of future, disease, rejection and lossing a loved ones and many more depending upon the experiences of an individual. Fear management is a book that tells what is the root of these apprehensive feelins and why is it  so dangerous.

In the end this book gives tools and remedies to treat  your fears and as the title of the book indicates the reader becomes more daring and brave to manage his/her fear after going through it.

ISBN (Digital) 978-969-7758-14-2
Total Pages 250
Language English
Estimated Reading Time 2 hours
Genre Religious
Published By Ghufutugu
Published On 26 Aug 2018
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Hassan Mueez

Hassan Mueez

The author is a graduate of LUMS and holds a Masters degree in Economics. He is a businessman located in South Punjab who owns a Rice factory named "Al-Majeed Rice factory".


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