Bookay 2018 10 Reviews

By: Bookay Crew

Literary geeks pouring their hearts out in a captivating bilingual anthology.

ISBN (Digital) 0
Total Pages 100
Language English
Estimated Reading Time 2 hours
Genre Anthology
Published By Daastan
Published On 28 Aug 2018
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Bookay Crew

Bookay Crew

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Kiran Ashraf


Mar 29, 2022

It was so great to go through this Anthology and remember all the good memories associated with its compilation. I could see many familiar names that are still part of Bookay exhibiting their sheer talent. A great literary contribution from all the writers.

Waqas Ahmed


Dec 14, 2018

Love it

Dec 12, 2018

WOW. So I got published together with the gems of Bookay. It's an honor to be published among such talented, learned people.

sameer malik


Dec 11, 2018

Dec 09, 2018

Such a beautiful compilation of raw, unadulterated human instincts from poets and writers all around the globe.

Habiba Nasir


Dec 06, 2018

Loved it!! ❤❤

Yumna Shahid


Aug 28, 2018

Loved it thoroughly!
It has so many different hearts speaking different stories.

Rafia Shoaib


Aug 28, 2018

Faraz Haider


Aug 28, 2018

love it

Aug 27, 2018

This book is a brilliant compendium of some of least known but highly talented writers from around Pakistan. Loved every piece of it.

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