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By: Ateefah Sana Ur Rab

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I knew it was wrong, I knew that I would be penalized but I kept doing it. Even when I wanted to stop, I didn't. Only because the sin gave me pleasure like nothing else; it gave me peace that I yearned for. 

Although I knew that this ephemeral feeling wouldn't get me anywhere, I would revert back no matter how much far away I ran. That was why I resented myself. I resented being chained; that I had no control over my own will. I couldn't stop myself from committing sins repeatedly.

So, I labeled myself as a sinner who was somehow devoted to being sinful while despising it with passion at the same time. Just to let it out; what I felt deep within my blackened soul, I started writing.

I scribbled everything that I thought or felt throughout the days. Starting from one single line, the ink flowed out and delineated countless pages with the burden of my sins.

It turned out into a diary full of wrongdoings and eventually, became the diary of a sinner.

ISBN 978-969-696-056-0
Total Pages 79
Language English
Estimated Reading Time 2 hours and 30 minutes
Genre Realist Fiction
Published By Daastan
Published On 22 Feb 2017
Ateefah Sana Ur Rab

Ateefah Sana Ur Rab

Writing is my passion and becoming a writer is a dream that I've been working on, in order to make it alter into blissful reality. For me, poetry is a whole new world in which I find sola...


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