The Blood Moon 1 Reviews

By: Ahmed Rik

"O Father! O Sun! O Satan!" these lines haunted two teenager as they face the nightmare of their nightmares hoped that prevails in them to stop themselves be a sarifice to Satan? Does good really wins over the evil? Or is it just a myth? 



ISBN (Digital) 000
Total Pages 25
Language English
Estimated Reading Time 1h
Genre Horror
Published By Daastan
Published On 14 Oct 2019
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Ahmed Rik

Ahmed Rik

Professionally, I am a computer scientist but my heart always lives in literature. From Urdu to English any piece of writing from prose to poem is always my cup of coffee. I am very passionate about my writing. From being a poet to being a short-story writer I have always loved to write and read other's comments on my writing. I have started writing initially when I was young with contemporary realistic fictional short-stories for my school magazine which landed me to be one of the editors of the magazine. This experience was enough to bring out the voice from within which finally drove me to make my first blog called, "The Bustle Chronicles". Moving forward, at the university level I came with a whole new blog that worked as my journal where I used to write articles that varied from current affairs to reviews and from short stories to poetries. At one time in my life, an online blog called Parhlo got my attention and I thought of giving a try to publish there. It turned out to be an amazing option and soon I started to publish my short-stories there. I am recently indulged in running a youtube channel, where we promote new Urdu and English poets. I have contributed as an Urdu and English poet. I have also been an active member of Comsats Parliament as General Secretary. With this society, we had been indulged in organizing various events that vary from MUNs to Urdu/English Mushairah. As a reader, Mr. Manto is my favorite Urdu writer and an inspiration. I could still remember I was in my eight class when I first borrowed Manto's Mantonama from our school library. The memory would have faded if I was able to forget the face librarian made while issuing me the book. Mr. Mohsin Hamid is my next inspiration when reading Pakistani authors. The way he writes and the way he expresses his emotions hidden beneath the words of his stories are just amazing. I have always wanted to be a published writer and goals to see myself amongst the list of successful writers. FAVORITE PIECES: Siddhartha By Hermann Hesse Moth Smoke By Mohsin Hamid Thanda Ghost By Manto Othello/Hamlet by Shakespeare Shall I Compare Thee to a summer's day by Shakespeare Curfew Must Not Ring To-night by Rose Hartwick Thorpe


Oct 25, 2018

Flow and smooth transitions; that I liked in your writing!

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