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By: Khadija Zahoor

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It was the lovely and cold night of December 20. Rabail had been waiting for this night for the past few days both excitedly and anxiously, spending hours on thinking how she would look or how would everyone look, will it be the way she had been expecting or go the other way. Deep down in her heart she had this little desire that would she be able to catch Zulhaid's attention tonight or not.

She had known Zulhaid for a very long time, both of them were considered best friends. They used to finish each others sentences and their friendship had already gone through many ups and downs but they were like inseparable. Their friends used to ship them but they used to enjoy it as a leg-pull.

She had already shopped for the night and was almost ready to leave. She wore a rose gold gown from Jovani with a beautiful pendant. She left home at 19:30 as the dinner was to start at 20:00. She arrived at the hall in time. Everyone else had already reached and were waiting for her. She assumed he had reached before her. Her friends were waiting for her in the hall and some of them standing in the hallway.
They waved at her upon catching sight of her, she waved back at them smilingly. But then she noticed they were waving someone else behind her back.

She turned around to see whom they were waving and that was the moment she caught a glimpse of his face. For a moment, she just kept staring him until he came towards her. Zulhaid wore a Royale blue three piece suit from Armani with a golden brown pin up brooch. He looks amazing, she thought smiling. He interrupted her thoughts by inquiring the reason for her smile. She was about to answer but then their friends suggested to go inside the hall and the question was left unanswered.

Her friends noticed the glow in her eyes and smile and made way for them to walk forward and enter first. When they both entered the hall together, many eyes lift up looking at the beautiful pair that had just arrived, some looked with envy and some with admiration. Among admiration was her dearest friend Nishat and among the envious ones was Natasha and her two side kicks.

The hall was decorated beautifully with golden and yellow fairy lights and silver chandeliers. Soft music was playing in the background. Some people were busy chatting and others were enjoying the music.
Her phone rang and she took it out from her clutch to see the notification.

It was a message from her dearest friend Nishat which read, "You know what you both look cute together ❤ obviously smiling."

She smiled and replied back with, "I am in love just with the thought of us."

She then looked at Zulhaid and with a deep breath thought this was the moment to tell him what she had felt for the past few months for him but he was looking in the opposite direction smiling to the Natasha. She felt kind of jealous and went to join her other friends without waiting for him.
Her eyes kept searching for him he was still with those group of girls, Natasha was however getting very close to him and Rabail didn't like this at the very first sight. She felt an unknown sadness in her heart similar to what you feel when you are about to get something close to your heart and it is passed on to someone else.

Then, dinner was served and everyone was having their dinner, she waited for him to come but Natasha insisted him to have dinner with her so he decided to sit with them and have dinner with them. She thought he'd come but when he didn't come, her eyes searched for him but he was having dinner with Natasha comfortably.

Suddenly the dinner seemed boring and difficult to pass. Nishat noticed and insisted her to eat but she excused and just sat, drinking her juice in small sips. It was hard to swallow but she had to look normal.

After the dinner was over, now it was time for photos. Everyone started clicking photos. The flashing of cameras started. Her friends took some group photos but she didn't join them. She couldn't understand her feelings. It happened with her for the first time. A group mate diverted her attention from her thoughts to him and told her to have a look at him.

In that night of glitz and glamour, all the lights seem to fade when she saw Zulhaid standing and taking a picture with Natasha in an extremely comfortable pose. Her heart sank for a moment. She felt some water in her eyes and immediately wiped it off. She couldn't breath and felt like the oxygen in the room had vanished. She excused her friends and went out of the hall to have some fresh air.

There she stood for a while at the hallway when Nishat came searching after her and asked the reason of her coming outside abruptly, despite knowing. The glow she had in her eyes had been replaced by a peculiar sadness. She tried to smile and asked her that if she had seen Zulhaid posing with Natasha. She nodded and tried to brush the topic off by starting another discussion but she started speaking,

"I know this shouldn't matter to me, he isn't bound to me and neither I am to him but why does this hurt so much. I wanted to tell him today what I felt for him for the past few months but I guess he is happy, if he's happy then I can't be the one ruining his happiness just for my feelings."

Nishat had no words to console her as she was the one who suggested Rabail to tell Zulhaid what she felt for him. She just comforted her by giving some advices.
She felt like deaf and just listened to her with a flat face.
After a while, they both went inside and Zulhaid approached her closely asking, where was she and what had happened to her. She tried her best to ignore him but just ended up saying, "Nothing, I was feeling a bit suffocated so I went outside."

Nishat reinforced her statement but he knew how to read her eyes and knew something else was wrong. He didn't had the slightest idea that she had developed this much feelings for Zulhaid thay now it pained seeing him with anyone else.

He joked around to cheer her up but she just managed to give a pained smile and he got hurt seeing her like this. Deep down inside he knew what had disturbed her so much but pretended that he didn't know anything.

She left with the excuse that she had a call from home and had to leave.

When she reached home, she changed and lied in her bed thinking what just happened to her tonight. She put on her hands-free and played her favourite track. After a while she was in tears. Different thoughts flooded in her mind, and the greatest fear was that had she really fallen for him?
Have I ruined the friendship between us by falling for him?
It was clear that she had badly fallen for him.

She was in the midst of her thoughts when her phone rang, he was calling her. She saw the phone rang and it stopped ultimately. She saw messages from him asking if she had reached home and was she okay. She washed her face and composed herself and called him back.
He picked the phone on the first bell and asked if she was okay and requested for a video call. She sat up straight and accepted the request. He asked her why was she crying, she kept looking down. Upon his continual asking she told him that she was sorry but had ruined the friendship between them by having feelings for him. There was a drop of silence at the other end. But then she started the conversation with broken sentences, apologising for this abrupt expressiveness and gave him the surety that she'd fix herself and then disconnected the call.


She knew she had lost him. She had lost her best friend to her heart. Things would never be the same between them.

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