An Autobiography of a Semicolon 0 Reviews

By: Amna Sikandar Malik

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Emotions can be cumbersome, but a person whose mind fights the wars within is tortured in countless ways.
A story of a literature student whose "manic depression “is talked about yet not considered, it’s a story that speaks of social alienation for the lack of visual proof for a disease unseen.

ISBN 978-969-696-035-5
Total Pages 40
Language English
Estimated Reading Time 45 minutes
Genre Thriller
Published By Daastan
Published On 05 Apr 2017
Amna Sikandar Malik

Amna Sikandar Malik

Born and raised in Rawalpindi, I have a masters in English literature. A very primitive ambition was to be an educationists but currently I am trying to wade through life and see what it really means. Until I discover my calling, I shall be wandering.


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