The Timeworn Silence 1 Reviews

By: Abad Official

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Echoes of the dark, the silence of the night grows louder than Sameer’s footsteps. A labyrinth of mystery buries the shell of a strange, timeworn silence; overdosing on the moth-eaten secrets of past. A war is being fought within Haya since many years – like a mannequin which screams the blares of pain, inaudible to any ear. She is a question which grates the crust of Sameer’s curiosity and haunts every notion of peace, in his quest to pull her out of the hollow endless sphere of darkness.

ISBN 978-969-696-060-7
Total Pages 42
Language English
Estimated Reading Time 1hr
Genre Mystery
Published By Qissa
Published On 22 Feb 2017
Abad Official

Abad Official

Abdullah Khan -- Founder, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of 'The Scribbled Kite' is a passionate lover of writing and reading, as well as helping other budding writers with their work. He has writt...


Feb 05, 2017

Oh my God! This is... I have no words to explain how this book was.. I'll just say that this story deserved the place it got! Well done, author!

P.S. I never knew someone would already have written about an idea I thought only I had.

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