The Silhouette: A Morbid Tale #4 0 Reviews

By: Zachery Miller

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Tonight, little Amy lays in bed, hurt and sad at how unfair life has been toward her. From a dark corner, the darkest place in her dimly lit room, a silhouette watches, listens, and speaks.

Fearful and distraught, and nowhere to run, she has no choice but to stay. But who is this thing, this creature, this…it? It asks a question, Amy answers, and with her words many will die tonight.


*The stories in The Morbid Tales series are stand-alone tales. There is no order to reading each book.

ISBN (Digital) 000
ISBN (Hard copy) 978-969-696-277-9
Total Pages 14
Language English
Estimated Reading Time 1h
Genre Horror
Published By Daastan
Published On 11 Oct 2019
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Zachery Miller

Zachery Miller

I write horror, and also young adult books about adventure!


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