Types of Publishing

Daastan offers two types of publishing.
  1. Digital 
  2. Print

Digital Publishing

  • What is digital publishing?

    Your work is available in the form of READ-ONLY ebook on our site. Users can read, rate and review your work FREE OF COST. We provide you an ISBN Number and bar code so the work is registered to your name with our firm. It helps you build your readership. You can simply say in public forums that my whole life's work is available in this book present on Qissa website. This option is for those looking to build their readership which can later be monetized through print publishing.

    Things you need to get started:

    A complete manuscript in soft form + book title (cover) designed in A5 size.


    Go to and signup. 
    Create an account, setup profile and then click on 'ADD NEW BOOK' button to get started.
    Fill in details like book title, book description then add book content in the online editor provided on the dashboard. 
    Save and preview the stuff and then click on 'PUBLISH'

    *Note: It is at the Editorial Team's discretion that the accepted reviewed feedback is subject to editorial changes. The author can either avail editorial services to incorporate the changes or opt to do it themselves and re-submit. The changes suggested will be open for discussion between the Editorial Team and the Author. 


    This is free of cost IF you have your stuff in soft form and book cover already designed. There is no cost to publish DIGITALLY. 

    Optional costs: 

    If you need to get your work DIGITIZED then you might incur a cost. You can contact our partners Harf Nagar to get those services.
    If you require DESIGNING then you can avail the Design Team Services for a professional design at minimal rates to provide you a book jacket (front, back, spine and one 3d mockup). 

Print Publishing

  • What is print publishing?

    We convert your work in hard form i.e. PAPER BACKS and publish a bulk of 100 books in one go. We do digital printing and the specs are 70 gram paper, A5 sized with black and white interior and 4 color exterior cover on card paper.  

    Things you need to get started:

    A complete manuscript in soft form + book title (cover) designed in A5 size.


    Notify us via EMAIL that you want to opt for this option. We will send you a CONTRACT draft over email which you can review. It contains clauses like royalty distribution, content rights, liabilities etc. Once we both have a mutual understanding then we sign it and you forward us your manuscript in SOFT FORM with book cover.

    From this point onwards, you have two options


    In first option, we notify you the total cost which needs to be completed. Generally a 100 paged book (where one page means one side of paper) costs 200 PKR. So, a lot of 100 books will cost Rs. 20,000/- You can pay this price yourself UPFRONT.


    In the second case, we publish a poster on our fb page stating that this book is coming in print in two months, you should preorder. Generally, we set the price of book to be 500 PKR or 1000 PKR (with free shipping). Assuming it is 1000 per book then if you can generate 20 orders, your cost is complete. You, as an author don't have to pay anything. Whatever profit we generate on top of it is split among you and us.


Queries regarding publishing?

If you have more queries then drop us a message at our facebook page or on whatsapp +92 (321) 95 25 753