Chitthi Sarhad Paar Se / چٹھی سرحد پار سے 1 Reviews

By: Daastan

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The love between two people who hailed from the same land but were torn apart by hate and boundaries can never be fully explained. It's inherent-- a burning ember within each soul, mourning what it lost-- an ember which grows into an inferno of longing, friendship and nostalgia. "Chitti Sarhad Parr Say" is a compilation of letters exchanged between these two people-- expressing the pain they went through on separation, the brutality they witnessed in its aftermath and the quite hope they kindle that one day they will be reunited once more.

محبت میں یہ مرحلہ ہمیشہ مشکل کن رہا جب ہمیشہ سرحد کو انا کی دیوار بنا کر محبت کو کچل دیا گیا۔ نہ جانے یہ کون سی دشمنی ہے جسے سرحد پار کا نام دے کر ابھارا جاتا رہا ہے۔ محبت سرحدوں، پابندیوں اور اصولوں سے بالاتر ہے، محبت آفاقی جذبہ ہے چاہے وہ دوستی کے رشتے میں ہو یا پیار کے۔ چھٹی سرحد پار سے ایک ایسی کتاب ہے جو سرحدی پابندی کو نہیں مانتی اور محبتوں کے پھول خطوں کے ذریعے ایک دوسرے کو بھیجتی ہے۔ جدائی، دکھ، اذیتوں سے پُر ماضی کو بھلا کر دوستی کا ہاتھ بڑھانا چاہتی ہے۔

ISBN (Digital) 978-969-696-405-6
ISBN (Hard copy) 978-969-696-460-5
Total Pages 140
Language English
Estimated Reading Time 2h 30 mins
Genre Anthology
Published By Daastan
Published On 19 Dec 2021
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Daastan is a syndicate on a mission to rebrand Pakistan's literary industry by establishing a tech-enabled platform to discover South Asian content and their content creators. 1- Build a localized digital publishing platform to empower writers to publish 2- Setup offline network of city-wise book clubs and arrange regular meetups 3- Train raw talent and help them setup literary ventures on TOP OF QISSA portal OR polish their skills to make them industry-fit for hiring. 4- Establish a chain of 'Creative Spaces' where literati can brainstorm solutions to the pressing challenges. 5- Create a national database of all literary works produced by a country and digitize it. Through this we intend to become that technology company which ENABLES stake holders of literary industry to not only monetize their profession but also content creators will be able to make a descent living and not die on streets in poverty.


Mar 26, 2020

The effort of each n everyone who participated to make million untold stories heard and read is heart melting. Really enjoyed all letters. Very unique.

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