The Sky We Own 4 Reviews

By: Haleemah Malik

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The book is about three Kashmiri siblings and how their lives are shaped due to certain circumstances, and they chose a path they have never dreamt of. It highlights the prevailing dilemma of Kashmir, that why are youngsters forced to pick up guns instead of books.


Part One: The Sky That Fell

Part Two: False-Flag 

Part 3: The Rising

ISBN (Digital)
Total Pages 40
Language English
Estimated Reading Time 2 hours
Genre Contemporary Fiction
Published By Daastan
Published On 06 Nov 2021
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Haleemah Malik

Haleemah Malik

Haleemah Malik, a 13-year-old passionate reader turned novelist, is driven to make a difference in the world with her writings by delivering thought-provoking, but amusing content. Her debut novel is "The Sky We Own." She is currently a 9th grade student at EMS high school. She aspires to be a social activist.


Sep 13, 2021

A Real Banger with Least Expected Thrill Notes.

The art is to be real and afresh. Likewise the "The Sky We Own" is. The story of a Kashmiri girl foreshadowing her Kashmiri Spirit, supporting anti-colonization protests and the cause of Mujahedeen. If it just had been so, certainly would be a prejudiced and a myopic piece. However, the novella take swift turns and the plot unfolds from least expected angles. The appropriation in characters and speech is astounding with the Kashmiri imagery providing the aesthetic Asian flavour.

Its an utter surprise to see it coming from a 13-year-old young gun.

Sep 06, 2021

//Book Review//

•BOOK: The sky we own
•AUTHORESS: Haleemah Malik

This book is indeed a masterpiece written by a 13 years old girl Haleemah Malik. Throughout the journey, the reader will dive through the life of 3 Kashmiri children facing Indian oppression. The way 3 of them takes the situation of curfew, Indians domination, and all the what they are going through is utterly different, and this depicts the difference in the mentality and thoughts of siblings.
The plot was so engaging that one can’t leave it unread at any instance. The perfect picture of the mini fight between the siblings, the difficulties Kashmiris are facing, and how they are going through it was depicted brilliantly. Although the author is so young, there wasn’t any scenario where a reader can spot the immature instance. The flow of words, the character description, and the vast vocabulary were indeed remarkable. This incredible piece of art by Haleemah deserves much appreciation.

•REVIEWED BY: Aafia Muhammad Amin



Sep 03, 2021

The words used by the author are mesmerizing. I loved the way the author shows the hardships of our kashmiri brothers and sisters. This book is highly recommend, As it shows a loving relationship of siblings fighting for their freedom, for their land and people.

Dua Fawad


Sep 03, 2021

The author has written the book beautifully with best selection of words and amazing scene descriptions.
I immediately got connected to Maha's character it was really admirable how she took care of her brother and was worried about him and how thoughtful she is. I personally recommend it for the people who are looking for an engrossing and gripping plot, this is surely a good read.

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