The Dark Ruse 6 Reviews

By: Ashutosh Bansode

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In quest of discovering the truth behind her sleep deprived son Mrs. Sharma seeks access into his world through his diary. As she advances, she is transcended into the dark captivity of his encounters. 

Distraught by love and betrayal, Rohan seeks an escape from reality. He craved for a few moments of bliss, without knowing the price he would have to pay for it. Little does he realize his vulnerability would render him an easy prey to the demon of deceit. 

“Who will it be? You or your beautiful sister?”, the words haunted him as he trudged with trembling legs towards his destiny.

ISBN (Digital) 978-969-696-244-1
ISBN (Hard copy) 978-969-696-215-1
Total Pages 80
Language English
Estimated Reading Time 1 hour
Genre Mystery
Published By Daastan
Published On 08 Sep 2020
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Ashutosh Bansode

Ashutosh Bansode

Ashutosh Bansode is an engineering graduate student who enjoys a hot cup of tea, performs cooking experiments, cheers for Manchester United and studies of course! He is an avid reader and a passionate writer. When not indulging in a Murakami book, he is immersed in weaving a story based on the nuances of human emotions and behavior. He is an ardent observer who likes to challenge his imagination.




Jun 14, 2019

This is how you write Mystery. Good imagery (felt like I was watching a movie), nice buildup and a perfect ending. Hats off!

Jan 05, 2019

Breathtaking !
Ashutosh you are an inspiration to me , I am falling short of words. You have expressed the other side of the coin.
Miles to go..

Ishan Patel


Jan 01, 2019

Nicely written story! It covers issues faced by many and highlights the need to tackle them. I was particularly impressed by the ending. Would definitely recommend this short and interesting read.

Jan 01, 2019

The pace was phenomenal-couldn't put down the book until I finished it. A very relatable and realistic rendition about one's inner battles and its consequences.

A writer to closely follow for more such renditions.

Dyuti Radha


Jan 01, 2019

The narrative is simplistic yet impactful, taking you through a roller-coaster of emotions and bringing out the dark side of the society and it's effects on the innocent youth.

Monaa Sohail


Jul 04, 2018

Thumbs up.

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