Laal Dupatta 5 Reviews

By: Amna Shehzadi

باپ بیٹی کی محبت، ملنگ کی تڑپ اور مذہب کا نقاب، جب یہ سب عناصر ایک حادثے سے جُڑتے ہیں تو معاشرے کے اُس نا سور سے پردہ اُٹھتا ہے جو جھوٹ میں لپٹی سچائی پہ یقین رکھتا ہے۔ یہ داستان ہے اس ظلم کی جو ایک بیٹی کی آبرو اورایک باپ کی جان لے گیا مگر ظالم پھر بھی اپنے ظلم سے لطف اندوز ہوتا رہا۔ کیا یہ ظالم بے نقاب ہوگا؟ کیا ظلم کا حساب ہوگا۔


ISBN (Digital) -
ISBN (Hard copy) 978-969-696-222-9
Total Pages 20
Language Urdu
Estimated Reading Time 30 min
Genre Tragedy
Published By Daastan
Published On 03 Jul 2018
Amna Shehzadi

Amna Shehzadi

She hails from the lively city of Lahore. Like every other Pakistani kid, she dreamt of becoming a doctor but ended up doing Masters in Business Administration. She is a foodie, an elephant lover and family & friends are integral part of her survival. She is a simple women who believes in dreams. Tragedy & Drama are the genres she loves to read and write.




Jul 12, 2018


Areej Khan


Jun 28, 2018

Your Writing is so powerful and innovative, you know how to put life in words. I love how deep and rich characters are, dialogue are perfect not boring, but realistic and not fake, either.
Keep it you Amna !! Way to go,Really proud of you!!

Muhammad Ali


Jun 25, 2018

Jun 25, 2018

Zohaib Umer


Jun 21, 2018

Story and plot were well managed in terms of writing. Our society needs young writers like you. Keep it up.

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