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Amber Khan


Born Aug 06, 1977
Genre Non-Fiction
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Amber Khan; a Holistic Lifestyle Practitioner, Design Consultant & a Spiritual Soul. She started the journey of healing through nature at a very early age inspired by her grandmother’s holistic wisdom. She gets her inspiration of life through traveling and exploring different cultures and their ancient remedies for a natural Lifestyle. She expresses herself through writing, painting, photography, design and healing. She travels to Konya every year to meditate for days. From the island of Koh samui, Thailand to Konya & Cappadocia, Turkey, to Tbilisi Georgia to Sedona, USA; her traveling enriches her soul and strengthens her faith in the natural art of healing. She strongly believes in the fact that we all have the power to change someone’s life for the better which she does through her writings and by working with several non- profit organizations. Amber worked in the corporate world after her Masters degree, soon to find that she was a misfit in it. After returning back to her country, she started designing homes keeping Feng Shui and Energy in mind and built her house using only natural materials, brick, stone, wood and iron. Rising to the highest levels of interior design industry in south Asia, helping a nonprofit ascend to new heights in USA, to product development in Turkey and Pakistan while living in Sedona Arizona, Austin Texas, Dubai UAE, Lahore Pakistan and Konya Turkey, she still felt like there was something missing; that’s when she started writing. “I remember the most beautiful smile on Earth; my grandmother’s. She believed strongly in healing the mind, body, and soul with nature and she was my inspiration for an authentic holistic lifestyle. Giving me a treasure trove of secrets that were never written anywhere, she showed me the magic of nature and healing and this magic is my gift to you; Nur (Divine light) e (through) Amber, humbly through my writings.” Amber's Vision & Mission "To nurture wellness and help souls achieve a 'High Vibrational Lifestyle'; A holistic life through my writings. Honoring the Earth and intricate cycles of life and using the valuable information to help souls achieve Wellness"