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Sardar Ahmed Bhatti was born in Hong Kong in 1924 and received his education at the Ellis Kadoorie School for Indian Boys in Hong Kong. When World War II broke out, all employees of the British Empire, like his father had to leave the British colony that was occupied by the Japanese. Coming home to Ladian, Gujrat, meant an entirely new life for the Bhatti family and the men had to look for work. The two elder brothers (Nazir Ahmed Bhatti AKA Bhaijan and Raja Aziz Bhatti) had done their matriculation and could join the Royal Indian training academies. Since Sadar Ahmed Bhatti’s education had been cut short by the outbreak of the war, he was recruited as Airman in Royal Indian Air Force and was later to join the Pakistan Air Force.
Approaching his 95th birthday, Sardar Ahmed Bhatti is full of life and plans for the future. He commutes between Ladian and Islamabad and is currently running a girls’ school in his ancestral village Ladian, where he can visit the grave of his Shaheed brother any time he wants to. He likes spending time with children and is secure in the knowledge that he is continuing his father’s legacy of educating the girls of Ladian.