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muhammad abdullahzafar

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Muhammad Abdullah Zafar


Born Nov 16, 2005
Genre Poetry
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Hi, my name is Muhammad Abdullah. I'm an 18-year-old boy born and raised in a village named "149 E/B," a small town near Arifwala under division Sahiwal. I’m a student currently graduating from “Government Associate College Jahanian." I will complete my FSc degree in 2025. As an introvert, I speak through my words. I like to have diversity in my writing. I don’t stick to one specific niche. I believe that we go through different phases of life with different circumstances and environments. So I cover different topics, as I also write on Medium. I write about self-care, poetry, fiction and nonfiction, social issues, personal thoughts, and experiences. My journey as a writer is a bit complicated because I was intended to be a writer, more specifically a poet. I somehow got into content writing, and I also started poetry. Being an author wasn’t my dream when I was young, but now it is. Being a young writer, I see myself as a passionate and compatible person. Always ready to learn new things and face new challenges. Poetry, along with writing, is an art, and we shouldn’t be afraid of experimenting with it. For an author, it’s all about the game of words, and it’s fun to play with them.