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Shams ul Islam Bhatti - شمس السلام بھٹی


Born May 26, 1969
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Asalamu Aaiqum. Here are some stories, once shrouded in the shadows of my memory, that I thought you might like to read. So, here they are. Following are the synopses of some stories:
Kawar: The story of a magical world behind that wooden door and a childhood crush that didn't end well.
Umeed Bechta Hoon: In a darker corner of the Lahore Railways Station, I met a man who changed my perception of luck, hope, and destiny.
Zameen: Does anyone actually own a piece of land? A reality check for those who think they do.
Bay Jee: Woman empowerment is a five-star jargon, but then there are women who empower themselves and generations without standing at the rostrum. This is the story of one such lady, lovingly called Bay Jee.
Aur Pani Ubalnay Laga: Each one of us is a star with our own planetary system and an unending supply of gravity, till one day when ...
Rizq: It is just clockwork. It gives me goosebumps to think about how these measurements of time, space, amount, and almost everything rule my existence.
Mandi: Acceptance of evil doesn't make it good and closing the eyes doesn't make a mountain disappear. Evil is a reality and good only happens when evil is dealt with, otherwise, it is just a bookish thought that has no significance.
Thakan: Freedom is a very subjective thought process. This story explores the paradigm of physical freedom and mental surrender.