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simoneel czar


Born Sep 23, 1992
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As a young child Simoneel struggled with academics due to being heavily dyslexic. While she couldn’t tell the difference between D’s and B’s, or lefts and rights, she could tell a story that would captivate children and adults alike. Her love for painting, dancing, singing, writing, photography and storytelling began early.

During her years at the Bakersfield College, she had taken leadership roles which lead her to receive congressional recognition by the United States Congress, the State of California Congress, California Senate and the County of Kern for her outstanding student leadership skills and capabilities.

In 2013, she was awarded upon an Honorary MBA under the seal of the Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of the UAE in recognition of her contribution to innovation in business. Currently, she is the CEO of her beauty brand, Czarina Beauty, a natural and organic beauty line that focuses on inner and outer beauty.

With a strong background in public speaking, she is passionate about social issues such as men and women empowerment, education, human and animal rights. She also has a YouTube channel under Czarina Beauty. SLAP is her first poetry book.