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Zeeshan Ahmed


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Zeeshan Ahmed is a 1990-born kid who wanted to become an astronaut, and then a magician, before he started having an urge to write. Circumstances, and some unidentified epiphanies, all led him to realize that he loves writing. He did his Master's in English Literature and Linguistics in 2017, after struggling to understand (or make sense of) accounting during his BBA. His work has been published in different publications including an anthology called "Tales to Tell". 


As a self-proclaimed 'full-blown nerd', he's into collecting comics, books, action figures, and much more. What else? He loves history, science, and pop culture (and memes). He calls himself a horror fanatic, and loves the color purple. 

You can reach the writer at:

Twitter: @imzeesh


Instagram: @zeeshman